Doha Port Requalification project – chosen the PE Technology

The Technology by PE and the Aeration and Mixing System with Jet-Helix High Yield Diffusers has been chosen for the project Doha Port Re-Qualification Project

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The leading, privately-owned professional services group DAR GROUP selected the Tecnology by PE and the aeration and mixing system with Jet-Helix High Yield Diffuser for the project Doha Port Re-Qualification Project

In particular DAR GROUP included in the project specifications the technology and the Jet-Helix Diffusers that will be used for the construction of Off-shore Fishery works for the cultivation of oysters

New Product : Oxygenator by PE

The Oxygenator by PE is a new Static Diffuser purposively designed to Mix , to Transfer the Oxygen O2 and the Ozone O2 in the Industrial Application and the Process Steps where the above elements are needed.

The Oxygenator by PE has no mechanical moving parts , hence

  • No contamination
  • No Maintenance
  • Lower Power Consumption

are achieved while a better Mixing and an Higher Mass Transfer are guaranteed.


Available in different Diameters ( 4″ and 12″) and with different Heigths (4 Elements – 5 Elements – 7 Elements) , the Oxygenator by PE can be applied in the

  • Fermentation Process , where oxygen (O2) transfer is required
  • Water Disinfection , where ozone (O3) transfer is required


Each Application is sized and designed “case by case” in accordance to Client Specifications

( “ad Hoc” Design)


PE – Process Engineering in the Vendor List of TECHNIP

PE Process Engineering is qualified in the Vendor List of TPIT – Technip Italy S.p.A.

As a consequence of the positive evaluation done, since June 4th 2004 PEProcess Engineering S.r.l. is in the Official Vendor List of

  • TPIT – Technip Italy S.p.A.

with regard to

  • the Process Equipment

designed, built and supplied by PEProcess Engineering using Competences, Technology , Patents and Know-How that constitute the uniqueness of the Made by ProcessMade in Italy .