PE Technology – from A to W


PE Technology is a Complete Technology Package formed by EQUIPMENT, Machinery, ANCILLARIES EQUIPMENT , Process Technologies and KNOW-HOW that PE – Process Engineering has developed, built, improved during the years

Experts in Water Treatment and Rubber Thread Industry

Always known for its technologies in the field of waste water treatment and since ever sought for the supply of the extrusion lines for natural rubber thread production or for the supply of Italian rubber thread technology, today the PE Technology is actually formed by a variety of


  • the discovery during the EDMS project

During the execution of the company management project related with the implementation of a EDMS type (Electronic Data Managemet System) document management system the implementation team discovered that only the offered products and technologies needed to be coded were a far greater variety than initially considered

The EDMS type project started in second half of 2020 saw the lengthening of its implementation time as it was necessary to carry out an analysis and a correct categorization of what present in the new Products Goods List



Today, PE Technology foresees the following category groups

  • ENGINEERED PRODUCTS         11 Classes of Process Equipment              ENGINEERED PRODUCTS
  • INDUSTRIAL PACKAGES            20 Typologies of Process package            PROCESS PACKAGES
  • PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES       11 Categories of Process Technology       PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY
  • INDUSTRIAL PLANTS                  13 Types of Process Plants                           INDUSTRIAL PROCESS PLANTS

PE Technology – Main Points

PE Technology is

a ductile and multi-purpose technology

State of the Art

flexible and modular one

based on current needs and / or on the anticipation of future ones each customer or Client may think to have in future

PE Technology is


PE Technology – Sectors of Application


Reported in alphabetical order, the main sectors of application of PE Technology include

Agroindustry, Aquaculture, Chemical, Crude Oil, Energy, Environment, Fermentation, Fine Chemicals, Food, Healthcare, Hospitals, Latex, Medical, Oil & Gas, Paintings, Paper, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Pollution, Polymers, Power, Refining, Renewable Energy, Rubber Thread, Wood

and in general


all the process industry

either downstream

either upstream

either for continuous processes

either for batch processes

ductile multi-purpose technology anticipating future needs


PE Technology


  • the technology on which more than 20 industrial sectors can count to growth and to improve their performance, either actual either future ones