The official press release of the Farnesina reports the opening of rubber thread plant made by PE – Process Engineering

Process Engineering has entered the annals of the success cases listed by the Italian Government


La Farnesina – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – has issued an official statement in which it is reported that Process EngineeringPE – has carried out the opening of the Rubber Thread Production Plant in Vietnam
RT Plant by PE – Dong Nai Plant
This plant – entirely with Italian technology and with machinery completely built in Italy – was delivered to the Vietnamese client – VRG SA DO Rubber Thread JSC – SA DO – who, as reported by official diplomatic sources, invested 30 ML of US for the initial project phase, only.
Waiting for the Vietnamese Customer – VRG SA DO Rubber Thread JSC – to honor the agreements and respect what was expressed during the INAUGURATION CERIMONY in front of the institutional representatives of the Italian Government, we take this opportunity to thank all the people and, in particular, the operational staff of the Italian institutions present in Vietnam. These people not only supported PEProcess Engineering in the various order phases, but also provided their full collaboration and gave their support for the organization of the INAUGURATION CERIMONY through the channels of international cooperation of the Italian Government.


Rubber Thread Plant: International BID won in Vietnam with SA DO

Process Engineering S.r.l. – PE – announced that it has been awarded with the international bid relating to 2 (two) rubber thread production lines in Vietnam by

V.R.G SA DO Rubber Thread, JSC
(“SA DO”)


The manufacturing installation of SA DO is in Thong Nhat, Dong Nai Province

The factory RT Plant by PE – Dong Nai Plant bought by SA DO is the FIRST FACILITY for the production of Natural Latex Rubber Thread in Vietnam and throughout the Indochina region

Once again the Italian technology of the RT Plant by PE has WON the competition and was the FIRST to open a new market, proving that

PE Technology is Worldwide Leader in Rubber Thread Technology 

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