Pre-feasibility Study – IBN : PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS – BPA PE 1046 Rev 4

Feasibility Study     BPA PE -2014-1046 Rev 4
Project N °                 PE-2014-1046


With regard to Client Project

Industrial Plant Project to Manufacture Fittings, Flanges and Process Equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry

on 06,06,2016 PE – Process Engineering handed over to Client the Project PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS

  • TAV 01 Site lay-Out and Equipment Positioning
  • TAV 02 Equipment List and Dimensions – LINE 1 LINE 2 LINE 3

regarding the PROJECT under caption


Characterized by an innovative design for the raw materials handling and for the optimization of the exploitation of the resources required by the production of the LINE 1 / LINE 2 / LINE 3 departments, the Lay-Out develops symmetrically on a polygonal of 185 m X 185 m, approximately