11 Categories of Process Technologies          PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY






Index Category Technology Category Products Code Process & Technology
PT.01 Air Bubble Technology Process & Technology AB Air Bubble Technology for Aeration, Oxygenation, Mixing and Stripping
PT.02 Aeration Technology Process & Technology AER Aeration, Mixing and Oxygenation Technology for Liquid Basins
PT.03 Bio-Gas Technology Process & Technology BG Bio-Gas Mixing, Production and Purification Technology - Bio-Gas Up-grading
PT.04 Dipping Technology Process & Technology DIP Dipping Technology to manufacture Latex and NBR Products - Dipping Technology to manufacture Latex and NBR Gloves - ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY
PT.05 Dosing & Mixing - Continuous Technology Process & Technology D&M Dosing & Mixing Technology - In-Line and Continuous Type
PT.06 Bio-Gas Purification PackageExtraction and Separation Technology Process Package E&S Packed Extraction & Separation Technology - Batch & Continuous Type
PT.07 Packed MTO - batch and continuous Technology Process & Technology MTO Separations and Purifications - batch and continuous type e
PT.08 Mixing - Continuous Technology Process & Technology MIX In-Line Mixing Technology for Liquids - Continuous Mixing Technology for Storage Tanks
PT.09 Purification Technology Process & Technology PUR Purification Technologies to recover Solvents and Organic Chemicals from Liquids
PT.10 Extrusion Technology Process & Technology RT Plant Rubber Thread Technology to manufacture High Quality Latex Threads - Flame Retardant, FOOD GRADE, High Modulus, MEDICAL & SANITARY Technology - ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY
PT.11 Tailor Made Process Process & Technology TM P Study, Development, Design and Definition of Customized Process Technology - Tailor Made Process Technology



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