• 20 Tipologies of Industrial Process Packages          PROCESS PACKAGES

Formed by Different ITEMS, each PE Package is built according to the Customer Specifications

such as

Index Category Products Category Products Code Industrial Process Package
PP.01 Aeration Package PE Package AEP Aeration Package for Aeration Basins and Waste Water Treatment
PP.02 Barriers by PE PE Package AOB Aeration and Oxygenation Barriers for on-site control pollution and treatment of Waste
PP.03 Fishery Aeration System PE Package F A S Oxygenation System for fish breeding, fish ponds, intensive fish farming & aquaculture
PP.04 Ice Prevention System PE Package IPS Ice Prevention System for Dams Harbours and Rivers
PP.05 Bio-Gas by PE - Biogas System PE Package BG by PE Bio-Gas Diffuser and System for Biogas Anaerobic Digestion
PP.06 Bio-Gas Purification Package PE Package BG PP Bio-Gas Purification Package
PP.07 Gas Purification Package PE Package Gas PP Gas Purification Package
PP.08 Neutralization Package PE Package NP Neutralization Package for Process Fluids - In-Line & Continuous Mixing
PP.09 PE Mixing PE Package PE Mix Crude Oil Mixing System for Oil Storage Tanks
PP.10 Ammonia Fluid Control PE Package AFC Ammonia Fluid Control Units - ON-DRAWING - Skid On
PP.11 In-Line Heat Recovery System Unit PE Package IHRS In-Line Heat Recovery System Unit for Process Fluids
PP.12 Ovens Heat Recovery System Unit PE Package OHRS Heat Recovery System Unit for Ovens and Gas Process Fluids
PP.13 helier Structured Packed Column - hSPC PE Package hSPC helieR Structured Packed Column - for Mass Transfer Operation
PP.14 Packed Concentration & Purification System PE Package PCPS Packed Concentration & Purification System - Batch Distillation
PP.15 Purification Package PE Package PUR P Purification Packages for Liquids
PP.16 Recovery Package PE Package REC P Recovery Packages for Organic Solvents and Process Chemicals
PP.17 NO Production Package PE Package NO P Nitrogen Oxide Production Package - SKID ON - MEDICAL SPECIFICATION
PP.18 WAO Package PE Package WAO Packed - Wet Air Oxygenation Package
PP.19 Process Control System - PCS by PE PE Package PCS Process Control System - PCS by PE - to monitor, control, run the Process Plant and to store Production Process Data including Recipes - INTEGRATED Type
PP.20 Tailor Made Process Package PE Package TM PP Study, Design, construction and Delivery of TAILOR MADE Process Package

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