• 11 Classes of Process Equipment          ENGINEERED PRODUCTS

including Helixor Air Bubble Aerators, Jet-Helix Medium-Fine Bubble Static Diffusers, helieR structured packs, Jet-Mixing structured static mixers, degassing packs and In-line Heat Recovery Equipment

From Air Bubble Technology to Mass Transfer Operations Technology with structured beds and packings

Index Category Products Category Products Code Process Equipment
PE.01 Bio-Gas - Diffuser PE Equipment BGD Biogas Diffusers for Anaerobic Digestion
PE.02 Helixor Diffuser PE Equipment HD Helixor Static Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser for the Aerobic Treatment of Waste
PE.03 Oxygenator by PE PE Equipment OXY Oxygenation Diffuser
PE.04 Jet-Helix - High Yield Diffuser PE Equipment JH Jet-Helix High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser
PE.05 helier Random Packing - hRP PE Equipment hRP Internals - helieR random packing for mass transfer
PE.06 hSP - Structured Packing PE Equipment hSP Structured Packing Beds with helieR structured packings for Mass Transfer
PE.07 Jet-Mixing - Structured Static Mixer PE Equipment JM Low Pressure Drops In-Line Structured Static Mixers Jet-Mixing
PE.08 Degasing Pack PE Equipment DP - hSP Structured Degasing Pack for Degasing Tower and Vapour Systems - Big Diameters
PE.09 In-Line Heat Recovery Equipment PE Equipment IHR In-Line Heat Recovery Equipment for Process Plant
PE.10 Ovens Heat Recovery Equipment PE Equipment OHR Heat Recovery Equipment for Ovens
PE.11 SPE - Special Process Equipment PE Equipment SPE Special Process Equipment - Tailor Made - On-drawing Construction

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