PE made SA DO and supported VINAFIL

PE made SA DO and supported VINAFIL

Process Engineering made SA DO Rubber Thread after winning the relevant International BID, at that time issued by SA DO

Thong Nhat – RT Plant in Dong Nhai Province VIETNAM is the Natural Latex Rubber Thread Production Plant that Process Engineering designed, supplied and commissioned to VRG SADO RUBBER THREAD JOINT STOCK COMPANY


The RT Plant by PE – Thong Nhat is the first rubber thread of Vietnam and of all the Indo-China permitting SA DO to export First Quality Natural Latex Rubber Thread

To ketch this goal, after the Start-Up SA DO required the production assistance of the PE Team Technicians


During this cooperation, SA DO could achieve good EXPORT RESULTS thanks to Sales Network and Industrial Buyers the Petrillo family directly knows

Main result was VINAFIL rubber thread exported to Italy, France and even to Brazil