Equipment Spares available
Helixor Spare Equipment
H brackets Brackets for Helixor Diffuser
Jet-Helix Spare Equipment
JH Brackets Brackets for Jet-Helix Diffuser
Bio-Gas by PE Spare Bio-Gas Equipment.
Air Piping Piping for air blowing in different Plastic Materials, such as: PE, PP, HDPP and special plastics
Special Air Piping Piping for air blowing in SS - AISI 304 and/or AISI 316L , built on drawing and pre-assembled
Ancillaries for Air Piping Terminal Plugs, Terminal Cups, Closing Discs, Closing Flanges, Ball Valves, Flanges for Pipes, Collars for Pipes
Air Header Main Air Header for Air blowing, with valves & connecting pipes to air piping, different materials, built on drawing
Pipes Brackets Brackets for air piping, built on drawing, made in different materials
Concrete Basements Reinforced concrete basements for Helixor coarse bubble diffusers, reinforced concrete basements for Jet-Helix
Flexible Pipes Flexible Pipes and Fast Connections
Consumables Nuts, bolts, o-rings, rubber o-rings
Random Packing helier random packing, different plastic materials, open type
Static Mixers Connection "piece" to static mixer with injection nozzle, structured mixing bed for static mixers and Jet-Mixing, spare structured mixing bed for Jet-Mixing
Gaskets Gaskets in different materials, special rubber gaskets