Here by we report the List of Available Spare-parts and Consumables per Category.

The he list is only indicative and not exhaustive. The Cataloging of the Categories provides the following ordering :

Category Description Equipment
Equipment by PE Helixor , Jet-Helix , Biogas DIfusers , Jet-Mixing Static Mixers , helier Packing
Latex & Compound Stirrers , Dipping Stirrers , Ball Grinding Mills , Connections , Pumps
RT Machines Spooling Machine , Talcum Machine , Packing Machine
RT Plant by PE High Quality Rubber Thread Production Plant
Process Plants Pumps , Pressure , Temperature , Heat Exchangers , Expansion System , Gaskets
PCS by PE Process Control System by PE
WWTP - Aeration Waste Water Treatment Plant , Aeration Packages