Utilized in the Industry to treat the waste water coming from Process Plant , the Aeration Package is an Industrial Supply .

The Aeration Package is applied in the Aeration Basin of the Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Aeration Package

The Aeration Package is a Package Supply, whose BOM , Bill Of Material, is defined in accordance to :

  • Process Specification
  • Client Specification
  • Material Specification
  • Type of Wastes to be Treated
  • Material Requisition, MR

Formed by

Usually an Aeration Package is formed by :

  • Jet-Helix Air Diffusers
  • Reinforced Concrete Basement for Air Diffuser Anchoring
  • Air Piping to blow the required air to properly treat the waste water


  • Main Air Header , usually at the top of the water basin
  • Air Piping Connections, between the Main Header and the Air Piping System
  • Air Piping from Main Air Header and the Blowers Group
  • Blowers Package
  • Ancillaries equipment i.e. valves, ball valves, stop valves … piping brackets, piping supports
  • Instrumentation for control and regulation
  • PCS by PE – Process Control System by PE  for the control, the regulation and the Smart monitoring of the aeration process, of the package and the active interface with the blowers group

How we build

Once the Main Design and the Bill Of Material , BOM, are approved by the Client theconstruction of the Aeration Package starts in accordance to Process Specification and Design Codes.

The Aeration Package is built in workshop following construction drawings approved and prepared for construction.

Air piping is pre-assembled in the workshop.

The construction work in the workshop and the construction materials are continuously monitorized so that traceability of operation and of used materials can be guaranteed.