New Product : Oxygenator by PE

The Oxygenator by PE is a new Static Diffuser purposively designed to Mix , to Transfer the Oxygen O2 and the Ozone O2 in the Industrial Application and the Process Steps where the above elements are needed.

The Oxygenator by PE has no mechanical moving parts , hence

  • No contamination
  • No Maintenance
  • Lower Power Consumption

are achieved while a better Mixing and an Higher Mass Transfer are guaranteed.


Available in different Diameters ( 4″ and 12″) and with different Heigths (4 Elements – 5 Elements – 7 Elements) , the Oxygenator by PE can be applied in the

  • Fermentation Process , where oxygen (O2) transfer is required
  • Water Disinfection , where ozone (O3) transfer is required


Each Application is sized and designed “case by case” in accordance to Client Specifications

( “ad Hoc” Design)