RT Machines by PE : Machines for Rubber Thread

Thanks to 30 years of activity performed by the Technical Team as a consequence of the experience achieved on site with the start-up of :

  •   8 Production Plants
  • 18 Extrusion Lines

of Rubber Thread production Plants from Natural Latex , Process EngineeringPE – can supply the best 

<< Machines for Rubber Thread >>

such as :

  • Spooling Machine
  • Packing Machine
  • Splitting Machine
  • Talcum Machine , usually known as Talcum Box
  • Ribboning Machine
  • Cooling Machine , usually known as Cooling Cans

besides the supply of :

  • Extrusion Lines
  • Turn-Key Plants


The RT Machines by PE can be used by :

  • the Rubber Thread Industry and in the Rubber Thread Plants
  • the Industry that “works and uses” Rubber Thread , each time you need :

– Rubber Thread on Spools;

– Special Rubber Thread Ribbons, i.e. finished ribbons with a number of threads between 2 and 40 threads per ribbon, usually not produced by the Rubber Thread Producers.

  • the Final Rubber Thread Consumers, each time the Consumer needs :

– Rubber Thread on Spools;

– Rubber Thread Ribbons with a number of ends different from 20 to 40 threads and from 40 to 60 threads per ribbon.

For all Types of Rubber Threads

The above RT Machines by PE can work :

  • all rubber thread counts from 20 up to 110
  • all rubber thread ribbons , both talcum coatedarubber thread
  • all rubber thread ribbons , silicone coated rubebr thread
  • rubber thread ribbons manufactured with different types of compounds
  • Food Grade Natural Latex Rubber Thread

special versions of RT Machines by PE in terms of technical characteristics, materials and construction procedures are specially designed for the production of Food Grade Rubber Thread to comply with the specifications required by current international regulations in force.


Spooling - Model : ESM 80P

The Spooling  produces Rubber Thread on Spools , starting from the rubber thread ribbons.

Thanks to the Active System to control and regulate all the manufacturing parameters the Spooling by PE are equipped with the :

  • electronic control
  • the manufacturing receipts data base .

As a consequence the Spooling by PE are flexible , highly performant and guarantees high productivity.

RT Machines by PE


The Splitting by PE splits the ribbon of Rubber Thread in ribbons with the desired thread ends .

Packing – Integrated Packing by PE

The Packing by PE properly boxes the rubber thread ribbons in carton boxes of chosen dimensions and weight.

When combined with the splitting, Splitting by PE , you have the Integrated Packing by PE that simultaneously permits to :

  • produce Special Rubber Thread Ribbons , i.e. finished ribbons with a number of threads between 2 and 40 threads per ribbon,
  • pack these Special Ribbons.
RT Machines by PE

RT machines by PE - Machines for Rubber Thread

RT Machines by PE

Electronic Spooling Machine - ESM 80P