Ice Prevention System

The IPSIce Prevention System – are de-icing system that prevent the formation of ice on the surface of ports, where they are installed.

The IPS are used to :

=> avoid structural damage to building structures AC watershed

=> prevent Accidents of Navigation

=> avoid the obstruction of water basins used for the Maritime and River Transport

due to the formation and/or the presence of ice on the surface water contained in the Basin.

Ice Prevention System for Dam at High Mountain- an Example

Where they can be used

The IPS – Ice Prevention System – can be used to prevent the formation of ice in various reservoirs, such as :

  • Dams
  • Channels of access ports
  • Channels of Maritime Navigation
  • Channels of River Navigation
  • Channels of Marine Navigation
  • Ports and Port Zone

subject to the phenomena of :

  • Formation of Ice
  • Obstruction of access result of sedimentation
  • Obstruction of the navigability as a result of sedimentation