Rubber Thread Production Plants

Thanks to over 40 years of activity performed by the Partners and as a consequence of the experience matured by the Technical Team with the design , the construction & the start-up of :

  •   8 Rubber Thread Production Plants

  • 18 Rubber Thread Extrusion Lines


Rubber Thread Production Plant

from Centrifuged Natural Latex , successfully supplied in :

  • Thailand

  • Malaysia

  • Indonesia

  • India

  • China

  • Vietnam


PE – Process Engineering can today offer the result of such Experience & Know-How.

PCS by PE - Process Control System by PE

The RT Plant by PE is controlled by the PCS by PE – Process Control System by PE .
This system is phisically located in the Control Room and allows to :

  • control all the Process & Production parameters
  • load automatically the correct Production Recipe
  • continuously monitor the Plant
  • get the Automation of the Production Lines
  • have the Tele-Assistance

One Point to Manage and Control the Production

All the Production is controlled by the PCS by PE – Process Control System by PE .

The Main Production Parameters are controlled and registered so that they can stored for Quality Control in the proper Line PC , in accordance to :

  • Batch Number
  • Count Produced
  • Colour Produced

Through the Data Storage System all the main parameters of each Production Lot and of each Production Line are kept and constantly up-dated.

The PCS by PE – Process Control System by PE has a DATA BASE where Production Recipes are stored.
At production start-up, the Proper Recipe of the Rubber Thread to be produced can be loaded and the Machine / the Machines will adapt automatically.
Special Production Recipes can also be stored.

The PCS by PE – Process Control System by PE can operate in two modes :

a) Automatic Mode
b) Manual Mode

The Data Storage System allow you to highlight the trends of all the main parameters , for each of them a report is given .

In addition to other functions useful for the production, the PCS by PE – Process Control System by PE has a MAINTENANCE SECTION, in which all the operation to keep the Plant in Good Operation are reported. When a maintenance operation has to be executed, an Automatic Alarm appears with a proper explanation for the Operator.

Process – Technology – Machinery – Extrusion Lines

The heart of any RT Plant by PE is the

Technology, the Process, the Equipment , the Machinery, the Extrusion Lines, the Recipes, the Utilities, the Auxiliaries Equipment and the Know-How

developed during the years through a continuous development process focused on the continuative technical upgrading of the proposed plants .

The RT Plant by PE are Turn-Key Process Plants and produce

Round Section Natural Latex Rubber Thread from Centrifuged Natural Latex.


Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread from Centrifuged Natural Latex.

The finished products manufactured by our plants are Rubber Thread Ribbons that  :

  • can be produced in all the counts from 20 up to 110
  • satisfy the final customers’ demands that require different rubber thread
  • can be used in different applications:
    from napkins to covered rubber thread, from belts to hosiery, from beach wear to belts for furniture, from elastic tissues to alimentary nettings, from pantyhose to orthopaedic stockings, from laces to raschel fabrics, from sports wear to cords, from socks .. to fashion
  • can be manufactured in all the STANDARD and SPECIAL colors
  • can have different TYPES of MODULES
RT Plant by PE : Nastri di Filo di Gomma prodotto dai ns Impianti

RT Plant by PE - Rubber Thread Production - 2 Lines Test Run

High Quality Rubber Thread

The technical solutions applied in the RT Plant by PE allow to produce :

High Quality Rubber Thread

and simultaneously to perform

  • high productivity per each count produced
  • the Acetic Acid  Recovery
  • a Huge flexibility in Operation
  • a Minimum plant Set-up time

Furthermore more advantages rise from the PCS – Process Control System by PE that allows the :

  • Control of the Process & Parameters
  • Automation of the Extrusion Lines
  • continuous Monitoring of the Plant
  • Tele-Assistance
Uses, Application and Final Products
RT Plant by PE