Integrated Process Plants

The E&F Plant by PE are Integrated Process Plants that fully exploit the agro-industrial resources and permit the efficient production of  :

  • Clean Energy
  • Furfural
  • Furfuryl Alcohol
  • Organic Chemicals

The process we have developed can exploit different agricultural residua and agro-industrial resources such as: rice husks, wood, corn-cobs, sugar cane bagasse, olive pomace, palm oil residua and others.

Not only the furfural C5H4O2

Furfural is the commercial name of the ‘ciclopentadiene 1-oxa,2-carbossialdeide’.

As an  heterocyclic organic substance – with raw formulation equal to C5H4O2 and structure formula equal to C4H3OCHO – the furfural is an organic solvent used in the chemical , petrochemical industry and for the production of furfuryl alcohol , used by the industries of resins plastic materials.

In our plant we apply a controlled extraction of the furfural and the recovery and exploitation of other organic substances can be effected . Hence in the E&F Plant by PE the Process zones can be integrated with the production of :

  • Furfurilic Alcohol
  • Organic Substances : Acetic Acid, Formic acid, Methanol, Ethanol

Main Advantages - E & F Plant by PE

The use of E & F Plant by PE using poor materials such as agro-industrial residues allows :

  • fully exploit the industrial potential of agro-industrial sources and bio-masses
  • produce energy from renewable sources
  • produce more products of high industrial value using the same renewable raw material – MIX PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY
  • produce low-cost electricity
  • solve the problem of the disposal of agro-industrial wastes source of pollution

Production Capacity

The Installed Production Capacity directly depends on the typology and availability of the raw material.

Besides the Energy Production dedicated zone , our plants include the Environmental Control and Protection Area .

Smart and Flexible Technology

The E&F Plant by PE are process plants characterized by a Flexible and Intelligent Technology thanks to which it is also possible to use a MIX of RAW MATERIALS, through the application of an appropriate process.

E & F Plant by PE - MIX TYPE

Comparing the E & F Plant by PE with the plants that produce furfural from a single agro-industrial raw material, the plant and the process


technology allow to

  • produce furfural from multiple sources
  • reduce the amount of raw material needed
  • not depend on the availability of a single source of raw material, the real problem of all agro-industrial processes and from renewable sources