Clean Energy by PE

The Clean Energy by PE are  Integrated Process Plants for the production of :

  • Clean Energy 
  • Heat
  • & Similar

from Agro-Industrial and Renewable Resources.

The process developed by us can exploit different agricultural residua and agro-industrial resources such as: rice husks, wood, con-cobs, bagasse … etc.

Cycle - Steps - Energy

The Installed Production Capacity directly depends on the typology and availability of the chosen raw material/material .

Formed by three main zones , Storage & Process Area – Environmental Control Area – Energy Production , the Clean Energy by PE‘ plant better exploits the heating value of the processed raw materials.

The core of the Clean Energy by PE process plant is formed by :

  • the optimization of the total thermodynamic cycle
  • the optimal design of the process parameters of any phase / step of the cycle
  • the optimization of each process machine that implements its operation

the Target

The proposed plants satisfy the actual requests for a sustainable growth and guarantee the achievement of the following goals :

  • Profitable and Efficient Exploitation of the Resources
  • Environmental Compatibility  
  • Sustainable Growth