Aerated Lagoon by PE

Process Engineering – PE has developed a specific Technology and Know-How for the “Aerated Lagoon” through the proper use of the HelixoR and Jet-Helix systems in this particular process.

Main Advantages

In comparison to other process solutions for the Waste Treatment , the ‘ Aerated Lagoon by PE ‘ presents many advantages such as :

  • High Efficiency
  • Easiness of Operation
  • Reduction of Running Costs
  • Absence of Sludge to be Treated
  • Absence of Odours

Insertion of the Aerated Laggon Step in the Overall Process

During the design and calculation of the plant engineering solution that satisfies the Client specifications , the “Lagoon” part is properly linked so to simplify the plant and maximize the advantages of its application .

On the above please refer to Process Flow-Sheet of the WWTP designed by P.E. for the Rubber Industry, where the presence of high organic loads and the metals content make the waste treatment and the environmental protection very hard.

Aerated Lagoon and Organic Substances Recovery

The system can today include the Organic Substances Recovery , that reaches two basic goals :

  • the Recovery of the Organic Substances
  • the Recovery of the Process Water

so to re-utilize them in the back main production process .

On this point please refer to the Flow-Sheet and to the P&I of the Integrated Acetic Acid Recovery Plant , purposely prepared for the Rubber Industry and the Rubber Thread Industry .
This new possibility permits to reduce the consumption and abates the production cost of the production process before the WWTP , transforming a cost in a profit .