Italian Yellow Directory in the Gulf PROJECT– Representative Office in Dubai

PE – Process Engineering has been selected by IICUAE – the ITALIAN INDUSTRY & COMMERCE CHAMBER in Dubai – for the ITALIAN YELLOW Directory in the GULF PROJECT

The Representative Office by IICUAE è is now available for customers and visitors

At the IICUAE –the ITALIAN INDUSTRY & COMMERCE CHAMBER in Dubai – the Representative Office of PE is now available

In conjunction with the Italian Yellow Directory in the Gulf PROJECT promoted by the IICUAE Chamber and under the sponsorship of the Italian Government, the presence of the representative office will allow us to better serve the requests of the UAE market and the GULF COUNTRIES regarding ENVIRONMENTOIL & GASINNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY

The References of the Representative Office are

Address      :     48 Burj Gate, 10th Floor, room #1001, Downtown – Dubai – EAU

Phone         :     +971 4 3216260

Location     :     DUBAI DOWNTOWN


PEMEX – Petroleos Mexicanos: Process Engineering calificada por PEMEX INTERNATIONAL

PEMEX – Petroleos Mexicanos : Process Engineering qualified by PEMEX INTERNATIONAL

Since October 25th 2012 , Process Engineering is qualified by the Qualification Management of PEMEX as Official Supplier and Active Supplier of PEMEX GROUP and actually is in the Vendor List of PPI – Pemex International Procurement.

Following the evaluation done by the Qualification Management of PEMEX, since October 25th 2012 PEProcess Engineering S.r.l. – is in the Official Vendor List of

  • The Companies of PEMEX Group

with regard to

  • the Process Equipment
  • the Process Plants

designed, built and supplied by PEProcess Engineering S.r.l. using Competences, Technology , Patents and Know-How that constitute the uniqueness of the Made by ProcessMade in Italy .

Following the reorgaization of the Procurement Acvitities done by PEMEX, on June 25th 2013 , PEProcess Engineering has received official communication from PPI – Pemex Procurement International to be inserted in the Vendor List of PEMEX and PPI.

ISO Certification – 1st maintenance verification

On October 13rd 2014 , the Maintenance Audit regarding the Quality Management System of PE was executed.

The Maintenance Audit found that the Management Quality System of PE is in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 regulation, with the international requirements and with the procedures of the Certifying body.

This Maintenance Audit was made by BV – Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.A.– according to the rules and periodic inspections specified by the Certification Body to maintain the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

ISO Certification: PE is eligible – Certificate n ° IT251830

Following the result the FINAL AUDIT of October 16th, 2013 for the ISO 9001 certification, on November 11th, 2013 the certification body Bureau Veritas Italy SpA – BV – has completed the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for PE – Process Engineering S.r.l…

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