QY Research 2015: PE – Process Engineering – is the First Recognized Supplier

With date September 2015 the QYResearch Rubber Latex Thread Research Center has published the MARKET RESEARCH called

Global Rubber Latex Thread Industry 2015

The authors and the analysts of the QYResearch Rubber Latex Thread Research Center who carried out the MARKET SEARCH

  • report PE – Process Engineering Srl as Machinery Supplier
  • recognize PE – Process Engineering Srl as FIRST MANUFACTURER of Equipment, Machines and Plants for the production of Rubber Thread n the Vendors table reported at Page 8, under Paragraph 2.2 of the same Market Research
  • show the photos of the plants RT Plant by PE made by PE – Process Engineering Srl as an example and the state of the art of the equipment necessary for the production of Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread (HRLRT)


Since 2015

The PE Technology for rubber thread production and the RT Plant by PE are recognized by the independent analysts of the QYResearch Rubber Latex Thread Research Center as the REFERENCE POINT for the GLOBAL RUBBER THREAD INDUSTRY



PLANT– Dosing and Mixing

On 13.11.2018 it has been completed the ENGINEERING PHASE for

PLANT – Dosing and Mixing

for the      production of spray cans

commissioned by  TEK GROUP to PE – Process Engineering for the characterization and definition of the new plant in Malaysia, in the state ofJohor.


Upon completion of the ENGINEERING PHASE, the PLANT DRAWINGS were delivered to the Customer. Froemd by a complete set of documents from the Process Flow to the Plant Development Views,  the PLANT DRAWINGS describe the

innovative techncial soluitons

proposed for the production of spray cans


The delivery of the PLANT DRAWINGS to complete the ENGINEERING PHASE took place IN ADVANCE with respect to the delivery date requested by the Customer.