SA DO Contract – II Shipment Inspected at Genova Port

Today the Inspector by BV – Bureau Veritas Italy – completed at the Port of Genoa the Inspection of the cases of the SECOND SHIPMENT, before their loading into containers.

Qualified personnel will stow the cases in 13 Containers which will be then loaded in the ship for the shipment by sea

SA DO Contract: 2nd SHIPMENT

The Last Case of the 2nd SHIPMENT regarding SA DO Contract finally has just been loaded on the Truck .

This Truck is the Last Truck of the 2nd SHIPMENT and will go to Genova Port , where all the cases of 2nd SHIPMENT has been collected in the Terminal Port.Containers loading will be executed after the Inspection of the Cases at Terminal Board.

The Final Loading of the Ship will be done after the Inspection of the Cases at Terminal Board and before departure of 2nd SHIPMENT for SA DO to Vietnam.