Pneumatic Barriers

The Barriers by PE are Pneumatic and Fluid-dynamic Barriers designed , engineered and manufactured by PE .

Applying a simple concept – the treatment “in situ” – the Barriers by PE. can be locally applied in all the water basins such as lakes, rivers, harbours, bays, see .. dams where it is necessary to:

  • have Delimited and Protected Areas
  • Contain the Zones where a possible pollution from pollutants may happen
  • delimit the Protected Zones against the presence of pollutants
  • to bound the Areas against the possibility of Catastrophic Events such as the pollution from oil, chemicals, highly reactive organic substances and/or any toxic element produced by any human activity, that may destroy the natural, physical and chemical equilibrium of the basins and of the ecosystems to be preserved.

 The Barriers by PE perform the on-site treatment of pollutants and the pollution prevention

Barriers by PE - the Project for a River : KELANG RIVER - K L - Malaysia

Barriers by PE

Barriers by PE – what they are used for

Successfully applied as Ice Prevention Systems for dams and lakes to avoid any mechanical problem originating from the water solidification, the Barriers by PE can be utilized :

A) to fight :

> pollution outside the area protected by the barrier

> irreversible pollution originating from Oily Substances, that may happen in refineries, oil loading/unloading, Oil & Gas Industry, oil platforms

> harbours pollution




B) to help increase :

> the oxygenation of water basins

> the dissolved oxygen in special applications: fishing, aquaculture.

C) to implement :

> the recovery of polluted rivers & lakes

> the deodorization of rivers

> the recovery of polluted water basins


The Barriers by PE permit to avoid any contamination outside the Barriers and the Protected Area . Thanks to the in “Situ” Aeration and to the delimitation of Areas to be Saved  , the use of the Barriers by PE permits :

  • the pollution prevention
  • to protect considerable water areas
  • to restrict the areas polluted by oil , organic substances … etc.
  • to aerate and purify locally .