Process Engineering – PE  has developed and realized Exclusive Technology & Process for  :

  • Rubber Thread                   :  ‘ RT Plant by PE ‘
    the production of Rubber Thread, the preparation of base mix and compound for the rubber thread production
  • Clean Energy & Furfural :  ‘ E & F Plant by PE ‘
    the production of Clean Energy & Furfural from Agro-industrial Residua and Renewable Resources (such as: wood, bagasse, rice husks, corncobs … )
  • Aerated Lagoon   :  ‘ Aerated Lagoon by PE ‘

using the technology, the equipment of the “ Made in Process  ” for  Waste Water Treatment applying the aerobic treatment of the wastes originating from civil and industrial sites.
Our Technology through the Aerated Lagoons permits the Recovery
and the Recycle of  :

> Process Water
     > Organic Substances

used by the Production Process before the ‘Aerated Lagoon by PE.’    

  • Bio-Gas Production           :  ‘ Bio-Gas by PE ‘
    system for the Production of Bio-Gas and the Sludge Treatment