• Worldwide Rubber Thread Technology Leader

  • Waste Water Treatment Proven Technology since 1975

Process Engineering – PE –  is an High Tech Engineering Company hardly skilled in the supply of 


Process Equipment, Turn-Key Plants and Technical Services


PE – Process Engineering S.r.l. – is nowadays an International Process Technology Provider

Notary Public Established in March 2001, PE benefits from the expertise acquired since 1975 by the Partners – the Petrillo family – and the Company’s Technical Development and Research Team.

The Company’s activities concentrate on

  • Process Equipment

  • Rubber Thread Production Plant

  • Knowledge Based Activity

with the exclusive utilization of

  • the Industrial Patents deposited by the Inventors (Doct Eng Giacinto Petrillo, Eng Giovanni Luca Petrillo)
  • the Technologies, the Systems and the Methodologies developed by the Petrillo Family and by Chart Eng Giacinto Petrillo since the 80’s, with regard to the Plants for the Production of High Quality Rubber Thread from Natural Latex
  • the Technologies, the Systems and the Processes of the Process Plants for the Production of Furfural and Clean Energy from Agro-Industrial residua such as: rice husk, turf .. molasses … wood

The Industrial Patents deposited by the Inventors (n° 18 Deposits including Industrial and Trade-marks Patents) cover all the process equipment today offered and produced by PE Process Engineering Srl – i.e. the Aerobic Diffusers, the Structured Packing, the Structured Packing Bed, the Static Mixers and the Structured Columns for Mass Transfer.

Still today, PE – Process Engineering – hardly continues to:

  • develop New Applications
  • search for new Leading Technical Solutins
  • perform Research and Development Actvities, directly and indirectly


This continuous effort is witnessed by the Supplies Executed, by the Technical Solutions Developed, by the New SKID and by the Industrial Packages proposed, among which are mentioned :

  • Agartala Plant  =  T400 – AUTO  =  RT Plant by PE
  • PCS by PE – Process Control System by PE
  • BB – Big Bed
  • NP – Neutralization Package
  • AA Recovery     Acetic Acid Recovery System

to which the so-called Ideas under Development must be added.


During the history of the Company, Process Engineering S.r.l. won international BIDs for the supply of plants, equipment and technical services

among which we hsve to mention

  • an international BID in China     : an EPC contract for Technical Services / Equipment
  • an international BID in Vietnam : an EPC contract for Technical Services / Equipment / Start-up

As its core business, currently PE – Process Engineering has

  • the supply of Equipment and/or Industrial Package for Waste Water Treatment Plant – WWTP – in the Environmental Sector
  • the design and supply of Process Equipment for Oil & Gas and the Process Industry in general 
  • Plants for the Production of Rubber Thread
  • the development of New Sustainable Process Plants for the  Industrial Productions starting from Agro-Industrial Products and Residua of the Agro-Industry to produce High Value Added Products
  • the development of New Processes to optimize the Valorization of the Industrial Productions in the Agro-Industry
  • the development of New  Sustainable Technologies and New Smart Engineered Products for Industrial Package and SKID

As for the long-terms goals are concerned, the targets of PE – Process Engineering – foresee

  • the development of cooperation channels with Central America and South America
  • to continue the innovation and the Improvement of the Rubber Thread production Plants
  • to develop New Package and SKID for Industrial Applications
  • the participation to BID / Tender
  • the participation to Procurement Procedures, both Private type and Public type (PPR = Public Procurement)