The Activities of Engineers & Contractors and of Process & Engineering succesfully performed by PE – Process Engineering – are focalised on the supply of:

  • Process Equipment and Machinery
  • Industrial Packages and SKID
  • Turn-Key Process Plants
  • Technology & Process
  • Technical Services
  • Knowledge based Activities
  • Commercial Services : pre-sales and post-sales
    all of which are  Made by Process  –  Made in Italy

Our Technology : Made by Process - Made in Italy

This Technology is only Made by Process, is Made in Italy and is successfully used in Many Industrial Sectors of the Real Economy, such as

 – Environment

– Waste Water Treatment

– Oil & Gas

– Rubber,

– Chemical Process Industry

– Petrochemical

–  Pharmaceutical


– the Process Industry

in general.

The appropriate use of the Technology Made by Process enables to optimize :

  • the Main Production Process
  • the Plant Productivity
  • the Utilization of the Main Resources 

Till today, we have acquired more than 40 Years Experience  in the following Industrial Sectors

 Rubber Thread 

Waste Water Tretament Plant

Environmental Control System & Pollution Control

Process Equipment

Equipment for Mass Transfer

Industrial Packages and Process Packages

SKID for Industrial Application

► Industrial Supplies, Main Equipment and Accessories 

and to  increase :

  • the Yield of the Process
  • the Profitability of the Production

in the Industrial Plants, in the Factories and in the Production Activities where the Technical Solutions and the Technology Made by Process are installed and implemented by us.

and we have been

  • export oriented – we work for the export
  • project oriented –  we work on Project Basis
  • supply oriented – we work on Job Basis

for more han 40 Years.


Our Enginereed Products and Smart Technologies have been delivered in Many Countries

  • from United Kingdom to China
  • from Malaysia to Brazil
  • from South Africa to Qatar
  • from Indonesia to Bulgaria
  • from Vietnam to Ivory Coast

passing through the various Countries of EU and the NAFTA, various States of the USA, without forgetting Banglagesh, Crete, Greece and Thailand, of course.