Low Pressure Drops In-Line Structured Static Mixers

The Jet-Mixing is a Structured Static Mixer

that use the helier Structured Packing – hSP – to

properly Mix the Process Handled Fluids

and to achieve the

required mixing grade

according to the process parameters and the specification of the application where they are used.

Characterized by the presence of the helier Structured Packing to constitute the mixing bed required by the application, the Jet-Mixing perform the In-Line Static Mixing Process and are characterized by Very Low Pressure Drop.

Available in different Equivalent Diameters and in different Net Mixing Lengths , the Jet-Mixing Static Mixers usually apply the helier Structured Packing of 1” , 1.5” e 4” Nominal Diameter.

Thanks to the Radial Mixing  to the Inter-Flow Mixing , guaranteed by the use of the chosen packing, and to the geometric properties of their Mixing Beds, the Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixers permit the

optimization of all the mixing parameters.

The Jet-Mixing can be applied in all the fluid flow ranges from Re > 10 , and satisfies the request of all types of fluids ( Newtonian, Non-Newtonian, Tensio-plastic, etc … ).

Jet-Mixing: How they work for you

The use of the helier Structured Packing – hSP – gives the fluid an axial motion, giving it a helicoidal movement towards the axis.

To this component must be added :

  • the wall effect between the unit and the external wall of the mixer ;
  • the radial & inter-flow mixing effect for N° Col > 1 .

In the industrial applications, the goal of the Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixers is to provide In-line Mixing of the process fluids. The Jet-Mixing guarantees an adequate and continuous mixing of the fluids, in accordance with :

  • the process conditions
  • the rheological properties of the fluid.

The use of the Jet-Mixing guarantees :

  • the lowest pressure drop
  • the highest mixing (both radial & axial)
  • adequate τMIX (Mixing Time) and VMIX (Mixing Volume)
  • an elevated mixing grade

The Geometry

With the same net mixing length , the Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixers are available in three equivalent sections equal to :
–   N° Columns = 1 ,
–   N° Columns = 3 ,
–   N° Columns = 7 .

A COMPLETE SET of Equipment

The Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixers are characterised by the following parameters :
– the diameter DPacking of the structured packing
– the N° Columns per section
– the N° Elements of the packing used per length unit
– the Equivalent Diameter : DEq
– the minimum geometric mixing ratio : LNet / DEq

Models - Open and Closed

The Jet-Mixing are available in two models

  • Open Model
  • Closed Model
Two Main Models:  Open & Closed Model

The combination << N°Columns X N°Elements >> permits to supply and set :

  • the adequate mixing volume (VMIX)
  • the proper mixing time τMIX
  • the right mixing ratio
  • a correct mixing grade

according to the process conditions and to the fluid rheological properties.

Basic Equiment :  Jet-Mixing 1” – 1 x 9  

The Basic equipment is the mixer with:

– only one column per section, i.e.  N° Columns = 1
– 1” , i.e. built using 1” helier Structured Packing
– LNet = 9 Elements

that means

Jet-Mixing 1” – 1 x 9

with code JM 1 ” – 1 x 9 .


The Jet-Mixing are in-line mixing devices which consist of proper mixing elements and or mixing internals inserted in a length of pipe. Often referred to as motionless mixers, the Jet-Mixing are static mixers with Very Low Pressure Drops


The static mixers have been used in a large number of mixing applications, including both laminar and turbulent processes. In the Laminar flow, the mixing proceeds by a combination of flow division and flow re-orientation. In the turbulent flow the elements cause a higher level of turbulence than in the corresponding empty pipe.

The energy of mixing is derived from the pressure loss incurred as the process fluids flow through the mixing elements.

The number of elements required in any applications is dependent on the difficulty of the mixing duty.

Generally, for the static mixers the major variables requiring attention are the flow-rate and the viscosity. Moreover, since in many processes there will be two or more fluid streams involved in the mixing it must be considered that each inlet stream may have a different flow rate and/or viscosity.

Therefore, the important variables to be considered are the viscosity ratio and flow ratio.

MIXING ELEMENT – the helier hSP

The Jet-Mixing use the Very Low Pressure Drops MIXING ELEMENT developed by PE Process Engineering which is called helier Structured Packing – hSP and whose registered trade-mark is HelieR™.

HelieR™ is distinguished by the helix whose pitch is equal to diameter thus forcing the gas-liquid system, or liquid-liquid system or liquid-gas or any multi-phases flow to a translatory motion of 45° with the horizontal level.

On account of its innovative geometry, each helier Structured Packing – hSP component can be linked with the previous and the following ones, allowing to assemble columns to lengths devised beforehand.

The HelieR™ comprises an outer wall, which is closed, or open (with window), internal walls which define between them and the outer wall passages for the fluid.

The internal walls have a helicoidal shape with two or more helix portions set symmetrically.


The materials used for the fabrication of the helier Structured Packing – hSP with the registered trade-mark HelieR™ are different ones and their selection must be done in function of the application and of the design data

Generally, the fabrication materials of the helier Structured Packing can be distinguished into two large categories


The family of the PLASTIC MATERIALS include any materials than can be moulded. Inter alia, this category includes and is not limited to

  • polyethylene                              PE
  • Polypropylene                           PP
  • High-density polyethylene   HDPE
  • Polyphenylene sulfide            PPS
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene         PTFE
  • Moplen                                           PP-H

and similar ones

The category of the STEEL MATERIALS includes the METALLIC INTERNALS with which we started producing the HelieR™ structured packing since 2019

  • Stainless Steel
  • Monel


These materials must be used when STEEL INTERNALS are MANDATORY: contact us for more details and more available options !

Special Applications

Special Applications include the Mixing of Diluted Acetic Acid with Glacial Acetic Acid .


Customized Equipment

Customized Equipment especially manufactured for  :

  • Oil & Gas
  • Process Industry
  • Special Applications

are available .

In particular, the Mixers that are used in special process/industrial operation such as : Washing, Coal, De-Super-Heating, Cut , Oxidizing , Tar are properly made on Client request and specification .

Uses : Mixing and Additives

The Jet-Mixing are mainly used for

  •   Fluid Mixing
  •   In-Line Adding of Reagents
  •   the mixing of process fluids with a controlled addition of reagents

in the following sectors :

> Process Operations

> Mixing of Process Fluids

Oil & Gas Industry


Chemical and Petro-Chemicals

> plants Disinfections (chemical & pharmaceutical industry)

> Waste Water treatment, deodorization & disinfaction

> Air Scrubber treatment, deodorization & disinfaction

Process Packages and Industrial SKID where mixing operation is required

Jet-Mixing : Material and Product Data Sheet

The Jet-Mixing Structured Packing are built with Suitables Materials , in accordance to the Application and to the Operating Condiitons .
For this Equipment , we use the following MATERIALS :

  • Structural Part   =   SS AISI
  • Packing               =  from HDPP to Moplen, from Moplen to PPS

Hereby we report the  Product Data Sheet  of the Jet-Mixing we design, build and supply. The Main TECHNICAL PROPERTIES are reported .

Jet-Mixing : Special Models

In accordance to the Specification of the Client regarding the :

  • Working Conditions                               (P in bar , and T in °C)
  • Construction Materials to be Used  (Special Steels)
  • Removable Mixing Bed                         Necessity to Extract the Structured Mixing Bed

we can design , built and size .


Special Static Mixers  that are build :

  • ad Hoc
  • the Construction Drawing approved by the Client
  • design code according to ASME, PED, ASME B 31.3, ASME  B 16.5, Nace

Jet-Mixing References: Process Uses and Handled Fluids

According to our CUSTOMERS REQUIREMENTS , the most significant uses Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixer have been wanted include the following process applications:

  • 10% Caustic Soda Mixer
  • 1st C3 Water Washing Drum Static Mixer
  • 1st stage Desuperheating Mixer
  • 2nd Stage Desuperheating
  • 3rd Stage Desuperheating Mixer
  • Amine Water Wash Static Mixer
  • Butane Extractor Static Mixer
  • Caustic Soda & Sulphuric Acid
  • C3 Extractor Static Mixer
  • C3 Hydrogenation Static Mixer
  • C4 Extractor Static Mixer
  • C4 Washing Static Mixer
  • Caustic Feed Mixer
  • Caustic Mixer
  • Caustic Naptha Wasking Drum Static Mixer
  • Caustic Neutralization Mixer
  • Caustic Prewash Static Mixer
  • Caustic Soda Mixer
  • Coil Gas Compressor
  • Concentrate and Diluite Acid Static Mixer
  • Demi Water and Anti-Scalant Mixers
  • Demi Water and Caustic Static Mixers
  • Distillate Water Chlorine and Caustic Solutions Mixer
  • Demi Water and Caustic Solutions Mixer
  • Diluite Acetic  Acid and Glacial Acetic Acid
  • Feed Static Mixer – FEED
  • Fire Water Static Mixer
  • Fresh Caustic Dilution Static Mixer
  • Gasoline Blend HDR in-Line Mixer
  • Gasoline Static Mixer
  • Glacial Acetic Acid
  • Hydrogen Reactor Feed Mixer
  • Industrial Water and Sulphites Static Mixers
  • In-Line Diluition Mixer for Caustic Mixing
  • In-Line Static Mixer for Desalinated Water
  • Kerosene Additive In-Line Mixer
  • LPG Caustic Settler Static Mixe
  • N2 and Oil Static Mixer
  • Naphtha Caustic Static Mixer
  • Naptha Caustic Settler Static Mixer
  • Natural Gas and LNG Gas Mixing
  • Neutralization Mixer
  • Oxidizer Static Mixer
  • Potable Water
  • Primary Neutralization Mixer
  • Process Flow and Special Additives Static Mixer
  • Process Water and Air Static Mixer
  • Second Stage Desuperheating Mixer
  • Second Stage Static Mixer
  • Sludge and Polyelectrolyte Mixer
  • Sulphuric Acid Mixer
  • Tail Gas + H2
  • Wide Fraction Coal Tar Oil Static Mixers

Jet-Mixing - Structured Static Mixer : the MOST WANTED by the INDUSTRY

The Structured Static Mixer Jet-Mixing can be successfully applied in innumerable manufacturing steps of the Chemical , Petrochemical , Pharmaceutical , Process Industry and in the Chemical Process Industry , in general .

Jet-Mixing : with Steel Internals

  • STEEL INTERNALS – What’s new since 2019

Since 2019, we propose the use of helier structured packing – hSP made in metals materials for the construction of the MIXING BED of the Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixer

DIfferent metals materials are available so that the use of the METALLIC INTERNALS for the helier structured packing – hSP extend the application of the Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixer also when

  • Temperature
  • Corrrosion
  • Process

come to be very very

strict ones, because of the PROCESS CONDISITONS and/or the OPERATING CONDITIONS and/or of the DESIGN CONDITIONS .