High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser

The Jet-Helix is an Air Static Diffuser for the  Aerobic Treatment of Waste Waters and Discharged Flows.

Provided with Air Bubbles, in comparison to other systems the Jet-Helix is an High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser that, applied in the same process and operative conditions of other diffusers, guarantees  :

  • the Highest Oxygen Transfer
  • the Highest Oxygen Efficiency
  • a Turbulent Flow
  • both the Mixing & the Pumping of the Liquids
  • the correct waater Pumping in the reactors

all around the Aeration Basin and the Tanks.



The Jet-Helix can have different heights in function of the number of elements that constitute the tube. In particular we manufacture the following equipment:

  • the 2 ELEMENT Jet-Helix – i.e. the equipment with a 0.90 meter high
  • the 3 ELEMENT Jet-Helix – i.e. the equipment with a 1.20 meter high
  • the 4 ELEMENT Jet-Helix – i.e. the equipment with a 1.50 meter high



The following equipment is mainly used:

  • 3 Element Jet-Helix Diffuser
  • 4 Element Jet-Helix Diffuser


The choice of the equipment to be used is done in function of the following parameters :

  • water/liquid depth in the aeration basin
  • oxygen required by the application        (BOD and COD)
  • quantity and type of suspended solids (SSM)

The relevant curves for the Oxygen Transfer Capacity give the capacity of the Jet-Helix equipment to dissolve the oxygen in the water of a basin, where the aeration is performed through the compressed air pumped into the Jet-Helix equipment.

The curves report the experimental data obtained in the tests and give the values for the Transferred Oxygen. The obtained results – i.e. the transferred oxygen – are measured in:

Kg O2 / h / Jet-Helix.

(Quantity of Oxygen Transferred per Hour per Equipment – Metric Units of the International Measurement System)

Obtaining the Oxygen Curves – the Pilot Plant for WWTP

The Oxygen Transfer Curves have been obtained with experimental tests done to measure the Dissolved Oxygen.

These tests were done using a proper pilot plant equipped with all the required apparatuses such as :

  1. measurement equipment
  2. blowers

that made possible to experimentally obtain the Oxygen Transfer Curves , in function of the following variables

  1. the water depths
  2. the blown air flow
  3. the type of Jet-Helix diffuser installed .


Besides the experimental activity related with the Oxygen Curves of the Jet-Helix, the pilot plant has been used for the On Site Experimentation .
When the α and/or β coefficients or other process parameters were unknown or when it was necessary to have experimental data regarding the wastes of the Client Plant, the use of the pilot plant has been applied to experimentally obtain the required parameters.
This procedure and the test service allowed to perform a proper scale and an ad hoc design of the waste water treatment plant requested by the Client, optimizing performance and reducing customer investment costs .

Jet-Helix - High Yield

Aerobic Treatment and Aeration

Thanks to their Transfer Capacity, the Jet-Helix – High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffusers are successfully applied for the Aerobic Treatment of Waste Waters, either for:

  • Civil & Domestic Wastes
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Mixed
  • ‘Special’ Wastes

coming from uses and applications at Low / Medium / High and Very High ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

Among the different sources of POLLUTANTS WASTES with HIGH and VERY HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT in which the Jet-Helix – High Yield have been used, we underline the following applications :

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Mechanical & Automotive Industry
  • Rubber & Latex Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Rubber Thread Industry
  • Refineries
  • Oils  Recovery Industries
  • Metal Recovery Industries
Jet-Helix - High Yield

The Positioning in the Basin

The Jet-Helix is positioned on the bottom of the Aeration Tank / Basin.

The positioning is properly done so to have the optimization of operation when running.

Thanks to its geometrical characteristics and to the presence of fluid-dynamics appendages (top and bottom section), the Jet-Helix guarantees the formation of an appropriate functioning cone area. The entity of such a cone depends on physical parameters (liquid height, equipment height, free net distance … ) that defines:

= > the pumping capacity and flow
= > the motion and the recirculation of the liquids from bottom to top
= > the recycle through spiral movement of the waters all around each Jet-Helix

Jet-Helix Pumping Capacity

In addition to the high oxygen transfer capacity as reported by the Oxygen Curves , the Jet-Helix Diffuser has also the function to pump the liquids.

The Hydraulic Pumping Capacity depends on the diffuser height .

This further property of the Jet-Helix enables to obtain:

the recirculation

the mixing

the agitation

of the waters inside the basin so evoiding

– the deposit of the solids

– the formation of “calm zones” in the aeration tanks.

Hydraulic Pumping Capacity

The Total Hydraulic Delivery to Surface per Jet-HelixQ T  = m3/day/Jet-Helix – depends by the following factors  :

  • Q L Total Delivery throughout the Jet-Helix
  • S free net distance over the Jet-Helix
  • the Jet-Helix Diameter

The total flow rate QT depends on the air blown through the Jet-Helix .
The data here reported were obtained with an air flow equal to 22 scfm.

Jet-Helix : Materials and Product Data Sheet

The Jet-Helix diffusser is manufactured only by PE .

For the proper construction of Jet-Helix – High Yield Diffuser we apply Proper Procedures and and use High Quality Materials such as the following MATERIALS :

– Brackets = made in SS AISI

– Packing = HDPP

– Parts     = other Eqipment Parts in HDPP

Hereby we report the  Product Data Sheet  of the Jet-Helix we design , build and supply. The Main TECHNICAL PROPERTIES are reported.

Expertise: More than 5500 pieces – More than 260 Plants :

The Jet-Helix is the Best Equipment for the Waste Water Treatment Plants –  W.W.T.P. – so much so that till today:

MORE THAN 5,500 PIECES have been built and supplied

► MORE THAN 260 PLANTS have been realized and commissioned

since its patents.