Structured Packing Bed with hSP Structured Packings

What is the hSP – helier Strcutred Packing

The hSP – helier-Structured Packing has different diameters (1” – 1.5” – 4” – 12″ ).

Geometrically, they apply the synergy arising from the contemporary use of two simple surfaces :

  • the cylinder
  • the helix

included inside.

Thanks to this property and to their specific Diameter/Helix ratio, the helier – Structured Packing’ – hSP – has:

  • High Specific Transfer Areas                              :  from 80 m2/m3 up to 320 m2/m3
  • the lowest Pressure Drops per Trasfer Unit :  η = DP*Hog   [mmH2O]
What is for

The helier- Structured Packing can be succesfully applied in all the Mass Transfer Opertations to make Mass Tranfer succesfully happen at very low cost

Main Properties of helier Structured Packing Bed

As a consequence of itsr geometry and of the fluid-dynamic properties of the passing phases, the hSP , i.e the .helier – Structured Packing has:

  • no engulfing velocity
  • the highest  wet area/specific area ratio
  • the lo west pressure drops Delta P                     :   mm H2O/m
  • the lowest specific pressare drops  DP*HOG   :   mm H2O
  • High Mass Transfer Coefficient both for:

gas phase resistance      ,  i.e. the SO2             as defined by the scientific literatures

liquid phase resistance , i.e. the CO2, NH3   as defined by the scientific literatures

when compared to other solutions.

These properties have been duly documented by the Industrial Research done by the University of Pisa and by the consequent scientific bibliography than edited , such as:

A) “An Economic Analysis on Packed Columns for Absorption
Elisabetta Brunazzi, Giuliano Nardini and Alessandro Paglianti

B) “Performance of Absorption Columns Equipped with Low Pressure Drops Structured Packing
Pier Massimiliano Launaro and Alessandro Paglianti

C) “Absorption of Nitrogen Oxides in Columns Equipped with Low Pressure Drop Structured Packing”
Edoardo Decanini, Giuliano Nardini and Alessandro Pagliantii

D) “Studio Teorico Sperimentale sui Riempimenti Tipo Jet-Helix
Pier Massimiliano Launaro

E) “An Economical Criterion for Packed Absorption Column Design”
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and published by primary papers and primary scientific institutions such as:

A) La Chimica e L’Industria
B) Industrial Engineering & Chemical Research
C) Chem. Biochem. Eng
D) Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica – Università di Pisa
D) Chem. Biochem. Eng


The result of these indipendent evaluations performed by experts universally known in the Mass Transfer sector is that the helier – Structured Packing has the:

►     <<  lowest pressure drops per transfer unit >>

►     <<  lowest column operating cost >>

when compared to other systems.

hSP : The Lowest Specific Pressure Drops

How we manufacture the Structured Packing Bed Needed

The construction of the structured packing bed is done using the helier packing without windows (closed type). The internals have :

  • specific exchange area between  80 and 320 m2/m3
  • a high value of the available wet area
  • the hightest ratio between wet area / specific area

After the choice of the proper packing and after the proper design of the Structured Packing Bed so to complain with the

specifications of the application

the construction of the Structured Bed Needed starts.

The Structured Bed Needed is built and pre-assembled in the workshop on the base of strictly technical specifications that are relevant to the industrial application for which the Structured Bed is manufactured.

These technical specifications for the construction of each Structured Packing Bed include :

  1. the diameter of the packing   : Dhelier
  2. the Number of Columns           : COL
  3. the Number of Elements          : EL
  4. the Geometry of Distribution
  5. the Materials

A Wide Family of Packing to build the Ideal Structured Bed

Available in different diameters, 1” – 1.5” – 4” , the helier-Structured Packing

  • are characterized by modularity of assembling
  • provide the construction of structured packing bed that can be directly inserted into columns, also existing columns

The hSP packings are made in plastic materials and can be done with different materials such as :
– HDPP       : High Density Polypropylene
– PS             : Poly-Sulphonates
– PPS           : Poly-Phenylene-Sulfide
– MOPLEN : various

The choice of the material is properly done in accordance to :

  • the process parameters
  • the resistance to Chemical Agents
  • the resistance to Temperature

Engineering and Design of an helier Structured Packing Bed

The helier Structured Packing and the relevant Structured Packing bed were the subject of an experimental industrial research and have been the subject of a degree thesis, as reported above.

The experimental analysis was conducted in two different steps:

Phase 1 : Experimental characterization of geometrical and fluidodynamic properties of helier packings
June 1997 ÷ September 1998

Phase 2 : Experimental data analysis and identification of a computation model for gas phase and liquid phase resistance
September 1998 ÷ February 1999

The results achieved, and, in particular, the identification of a mathematical estimation model for mass transfer resistance both in gas phase and in liquid phase, were a target not planned when we started the research.

The identification of a mathematical estimation model made it possible the development of a software system for:

= > the sizing,
=> the simulation of columns,
with helier – Structured Packing in the Absorption, Desorption and Stripping operations.

Today we have the simulation software system (SSS) obtained from the  mathematical estimation model  developed after the conclusion of the Experimental Activity.
When we have to design any application for the use of the helier Structured Packing – hSP and build the proper Structured Packing Bed we apply the following software:
► helier – Absorption 3.0
► helier – Desorption 2.5

In Column - An Easy Insertion of the Structured Packing Bed

The helier Structured PackinghSP – are prepared and preassembled in the workshop in accordance to the design required by the application.

Each hSP is assembled to form a Structured Packing Bed that, after delivery, is ready to be easly inserted in the column where it will be used.
Some mechanical details to fast and to accelerate and facilitate the insertion of the Structured Packing Bed in the column may vary from application to application, in accordance to:
= = > specifications
= = > materials

Usually the Structured Packing Bed is inserted from the tops as shown in photo.
The way on how to properly insert the Structured Packing Bed previously preassembled in the workshop is influenced by the application.

Application - Uses of the Structured Packing Bed with helier

The helier Structured PackinghSP – can be used in all the Mass Transfer Operation suc as bsorption, Desorption, Stripping, Washing, Cleaning, distillation evaporation gassing degassing deaeration and similar.

Its application guarantees:

  • an High-efficiency

In particular, the Structured Packing Bed using the helier Structured PackingHSP – are succesfully used for the folllowing Mass Transfer Operations of the Chemical Engineering Industry:

  • Liquid / Liquid Operation
  • Gas / Liquid Operations
  • Absorption of NOx
  • Stripping
  • Drying
  • Distillation
  • Distillation with Solvent