Helixor – Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser

The Helixor Air Diffusers is a Static Diffusers for the Aerobic Treatment of Wastes.

Usually known as Air Bubbles Aerators , the Helixor are coarse bubble diffusers.

Their use for the Biological Treatment of Waste Waters guarantee :

  • the Oxygen Transfer
  • the Properly Mixing of the Basins , where the Helixor is applied
  • a Turbulent Flow
  • the correct Liquid Pumping.
Helixor - Diffuser

More than … 40 YEARS Evolution


Comparing the first Helixors with the ones we manufacture today, the improvement we have made on this equipment comply with:

– the Material of the Cylinders

The first ones were made in polyethylene PE by extrusion. Today we use High Density PP that guarantees higher resistance, hardness and a longer working life.


– the Cylinders

The Cylinders are today manufactured by moulding and the tubes are properly assembled to obtain  the Helixor diffuser with the desired height.


– the Brackets


During these years we have studied and developed a special anchoring system.

This system is the H BRACKETS completely made in AISI Stainless Steel, that provide

=> a correct anchoring of the tube to the concrete basement

=> the connection with the air feeding piping to guarantee

mechanical resistance to stresses

– chemical resistance

Available Helixor Diffuser

The Helixor Coarse Bubble Diffusers can have different heights.
Available equipment includes:

  • 3 Element Helixor – 0.90 :
    Helixor Diffuser with a height of 0.90 m – 3 Elements
  • 5 Element  Helixor – 1.50 :
    Helixor Diffuser with a height of 1.50 m – 5 Elements


The choice of the diffuser to be installed in a basin is done in function of the:

  • organic loads to be treated
  • height of liquid depth in the basin
  • type of waters to be treated
Helixor - Diffuser

Our Expertise : More than 12,000 Helixor built

The Helixor Coarse Bubble Diffusers we manufacture have the best:



That’s why MORE THAN 12,000 PIECES since ‘75 have been supplied under the technical control of Mr Petrillo worldwide:

  • from E.U. to China ,
  • from Thailand to U.K. ,
  • from U.K to Canada .
Helixor - Diffuser

Application and Use of Helixor coarse bubble diffusers

Successfully used in the treatment of effluents of many origins, from the Galvanic Industry up to the Alimentary Industry, we underline their wide range of application

Special applications are available, such as: Ice-Prevention System, Barriers for Pollution Control.

Up to now more than 12,000 Helixor Equipment has been successfully supplied all round the world by our team & organization.

Thanks to their properties and to their maintenance-free characteristic, the Helixor Air Diffusers represent the best breakthrough in the efficiency / cost ratio .

Oxygen Transfer Capacity - 0.90 m Helixor

Anchored to the concrete basement (A), the Helixor Coarse Bubble Diffusers are submerged in the water depth of the basin and they have no moving mechanical components.

The Helixor is a 12 inch diameter PP (polypropylene) tube (B), composed of several elements (F, i.e. the helier – Structured Packing), and incorporating a monolithic helix component (C) of designed pitch, which divides the tube, longitudinally, into two separate section .

At the bottom opening of the tube, compressed air (D) is introduced through two orifices (E), one on each side of the helix component, in the form of small bubbles .

The compressed air rising inside the vertically aligned Helixor causes the water to flow.

This process mixture of water and air flows a tortuous spiral passage, which prolongs the interfacial contact between the small air bubbles and the liquid.

As the flow is very turbulent, maximum oxygen transfer is ensured.

The highest percentage of oxygenation of the liquid takes place within the Helixor.

However, as the stream of liquid and air leaves the tube it causes a free turbulent jet, which entrains additional quantities of liquid in its movement towards the surface.
Therefore, additonal oxygen transfer is achieved with the bubbles rising to the surface in the induced vortex and at the turbulent surface boil, above the Helixor coarse bubble diffuser.

Furthermore, extra oxygen transfer is achieved surrounding this boil, as the water spreads radially away from the upwelling region.

How the Helixor Coarse Bubble Diffuser works


Oxygen Transfer Capacity - 1.50 m Helixor


Helixor : Materials and Product Data Sheet

Our Helixor coarse bubble diffuser is built using Proper and High Quality Materials .

For the  Helixor – Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser we use the following MATERIALS :

– Brackets  = made in SS AISI

– Packing   = made in HDPP


Hereby we report the Product Data Sheet of the Helixor coarse bubble diffusers we design, build and supply. Their Main TECHNICAL PROPERTIES are reported.

Helixor - Diffuser