helier - Random Packing : 1'' - 1.5'' - 4''

The helier – Random Packing – hRP – permit to have High Transfer Specific Areas that vary from 50 m2/m3 up to 280 m2/m3 , in function of the packing nominal diameter .Thanks to the presence of special “windows” this Packing guarantees to :

  • avoid the formation of preferred paths
  • have low pressure drops

when compared to other random packing.

Available in different diameters (1” – 1,5” – 4”) , the helier – Random Packing can be manufactured in  :

  • different plastic materials

in accordance to the specification of the application for which they are choosen.

helier - Random Packing

To provide Transfer Surface

Any time a Transfer Surface is needed to :

A)  regulate the process parameters
B)  perform Mass Transfer Operations
C)  perform Heat Transfer Operation

between fluids of different phases (Gas VS Liquid) or of the same phase (Gas VS Gas, Liquid VS Liquid) the helier – Random Packing can be successfully applied and provides to the designer, the process engineer, the user, and to the Client the right answer to his :

  • Process Requirement
  • Process Specifications


  • high performance
  • an optimal price / productivity ratio

Different Applications

Between the Various Applications , the following are reported :

  • Bio-Percolator
  • Absorption Columns
  • Washing Towers
  • Distillation Columns and Towers
  • Exchange Beds
  • Washing Tower
  • Percolator
  • Desorption Columns
  • Cooling Towers
  • Stripping
  • Washing
  • Stripping Columns
helier - Random Packing

all of which are Equipment for the Mass Transfer Operation.

These applications deal with Plant Applications of Different Industrial Sectors (Oil & Gas, Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Oil Industry, Energy Plant, Co-generation, Water Treatment, Sludge Treatment) and the Process Engineering in general.


This Packing is manufactured by moulding.
The helier – Random Packing are made in plastic materials and are available in different materials such as  :

– HDPP      : High Density Polypropylene
– PS          : Poly-Sulphonates
– PPS        : Poly-Phenylene-Sulfide
– MOPLEN  : various

The choice of the material is properly done in accordance to the process parameters and the resistance to :

  • Chemical Agents
  • Temperature