High Efficiency Degasing Pack

Jokingly referred to as BB – Big Billy, the DP – hSP is an High Efficient

Degasing Pack – Big Diameter 

for Degasing Towers and Vapour Sytems Treatment

Purposely designed for

  • the Tower of the Degasing Tanks
  • the Top Tank of the Degasing Tanks

The Degasing Pack DP – hSP is applied in

any steam cycle

where it is necessary to degass and / or strip the air

Water Degasing

Usually inside the Top Tank of a Degasing Tank you may have :

  • Cups
  • Trays

for the Degasing of Process Water . The Process Water is the one used in the process – i.e. in the Process Production Plant – that is recovered and sent-back to the Rankine Cycle – either simple or complex – and/or to the Cogeneration Cycles to produce Vapor and/or Energy.
The water is sent to top of the Tower and splashes against the Vapor , that is sent by counterflow from the bottom of the Tank .
The aim of this operation – a process step – is t :

► clean the water

► degas the process water ,

so to

► avoid any damage to the turbines

► get Degassed Steam


Increase of the Efficiency

The use of Big Billy – our Degasing Pack – enables to :

  • Increase the Mass Transfer Exchange Areas   ATOT
  • Increase the efficiency of the process/operation  η
  • Reduce the Operating Cost for the Operation of Degasing

Decrease of the Degasing Cost


Close Cycles

Combined Cycles

Cogeneration Cycles


Considering the application , the use our structured packing

hSP – helier 4”

with the following properties:

► a high Specific Area
(ASPEC = m2/m3 )

► Very Low Specific Pressure Drops
(Delta P = mm H2O/m )

no engulfing



as per

the experimental data reported in the helier Book

whose values have been obtained through the experimental research carried out by the University of Pisa by the Equipe under the coordination Prof Nardini, Prof Paglianti and  Dott.ssa Brunazzi.

One Pack / One Application - ad Hoc Design

The BB – Big Billy Degasing Pack is designed, engineered , built and supplied to be inserted inside a  Degasing Tower  whose specifications , such as :

  • Internal dimensions
  • Inner net heigt
  • Internal Diameter Available
  • Working conditions , in terms of Temperature (T in °C) and Pressure (P in bar )

are given by the Client and/or by the Plant Operator.

EACH Big Billy is UNIQUE and Big Billy is an “ad Hoc” Product that must be :

► designed

► engineered

► sized

case by case, so to optimize the performance  of each Degasing Tank and of each Degasing Tower / Top Tower.


BB – Big Billy : Materials and Product Data Sheet

Considering the usual specifications applied in the Degasing operation , the Degasing Pack BB – Big Billy is built using suitable materials .

For this Application we have chosen / proposed to the following MATERIALS :

  • Structural Part    =     SS AISI
  •  Internals            =     PPS

Hereby we report the Product Data Sheet  of the Degasing Pack we have designed , built and supplied . The Main TECHNICAL PROPERTIES are reported .

Steel Internals - since 2019

Since 2019

Steel Internals


for the manugacturing of structured packing

hSP – helier 4”