QY Research 2015: PE – Process Engineering – is the First Recognized Supplier

With date September 2015 the QYResearch Rubber Latex Thread Research Center has published the MARKET RESEARCH called

Global Rubber Latex Thread Industry 2015

The authors and the analysts of the QYResearch Rubber Latex Thread Research Center who carried out the MARKET SEARCH

  • report PE – Process Engineering Srl as Machinery Supplier
  • recognize PE – Process Engineering Srl as FIRST MANUFACTURER of Equipment, Machines and Plants for the production of Rubber Thread n the Vendors table reported at Page 8, under Paragraph 2.2 of the same Market Research
  • show the photos of the plants RT Plant by PE made by PE – Process Engineering Srl as an example and the state of the art of the equipment necessary for the production of Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread (HRLRT)


Since 2015

The PE Technology for rubber thread production and the RT Plant by PE are recognized by the independent analysts of the QYResearch Rubber Latex Thread Research Center as the REFERENCE POINT for the GLOBAL RUBBER THREAD INDUSTRY

PE – Process Engineering becomes PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER

PE – Process Engineering has become a PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER and developed new smart technologies, ranging from the Air Bubble up to Wet Air Oxidation – Packed Type

Worldwide Technology Leader in the Rubber Thread Industry and with Proven Technology for Waste Water Treatment since 1975, today PE Technology includes also Nitric Oxide Production for Medical Use, Oxygen Production for Medical Use, Dipping Plant for NBR and Latex Gloves Manufacturing


PE Technology has Italian Engineering, consists of Italian Design and has only Italian Construction, and it is only of Italian construction, using top quality materials of European origin


Call on us for more information or visit dedicated PE Technology information page.


PE Technology contains


  • 11 Classes of Process Equipment ENGINEERED PRODUCTS


  • 15 Typologies of Industrial Packages PROCESS PACKAGES


  • 10 Categories of Process Technologies PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY                               and


  • 12 Types of Industrial Plants PROCESS PLANTS



PE Technology is                 the original and cannot be achieved



Made by Process          Made in Italy

Crude Oil Storage Tank with PE Mixing System - multi mixing nozzles

PE Mixing System for Crude Oil Storage Tanks: the NEW CHOICE

New Technology developed after 3 – 5 years Research & Development Activities on specific requests from Customers looking for high performance system

Agitation and Mixing of Crude Oil Storage Tanks with multiple Static Mixing nozzles using Jet-Mixing type JM 4″ – 1 x 3

Suitable for Light and Heavy Crude Oil

Specially suitable for high density and/or viscous crude oil

PE Mixing system can be used for oil tanks with capacity from 25,000 BB up to 1,000,000 BB

No moving parts

Research & Development Activities conducted under the coordination of Ing Petrillo.

NACE Standard

Made by Process – Made in Italy



PLANT– Dosing and Mixing

On 13.11.2018 it has been completed the ENGINEERING PHASE for

PLANT – Dosing and Mixing

for the      production of spray cans

commissioned by  TEK GROUP to PE – Process Engineering for the characterization and definition of the new plant in Malaysia, in the state ofJohor.


Upon completion of the ENGINEERING PHASE, the PLANT DRAWINGS were delivered to the Customer. Froemd by a complete set of documents from the Process Flow to the Plant Development Views,  the PLANT DRAWINGS describe the

innovative techncial soluitons

proposed for the production of spray cans


The delivery of the PLANT DRAWINGS to complete the ENGINEERING PHASE took place IN ADVANCE with respect to the delivery date requested by the Customer.

Doha Port Requalification project – chosen the PE Technology

The Technology by PE and the Aeration and Mixing System with Jet-Helix High Yield Diffusers has been chosen for the project Doha Port Re-Qualification Project

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The leading, privately-owned professional services group DAR GROUP selected the Tecnology by PE and the aeration and mixing system with Jet-Helix High Yield Diffuser for the project Doha Port Re-Qualification Project

In particular DAR GROUP included in the project specifications the technology and the Jet-Helix Diffusers that will be used for the construction of Off-shore Fishery works for the cultivation of oysters

Food Grade - Nuova Ricetta

Rubber Thread – FOOD GRADE Type: Production with New Recipe

On 26.07.2016, the techncians of PE – Process Engineering Srl tested the new recipe for the production of

Rubber Thread

Food Grade Type

using the machinery, the equipment and the production process of the latest RT Plant by PE – a complete technological plant to produce rubber thread – already delivered by PE to its customer.

The Food Grade Rubber Thread of the production lot manufactured using the New Recipe has exceeded the specifications required by the Food Industry and passed all the laboratory controls it was submitted to.

ARC - Disegni PDF - Cronologico

Prefeasibility Study – Ibn – PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS – BPA PE 1046 Rev 4

Feasibility Study     BPA PE -2014-1046 Rev 4
Project N °                 PE-2014-1046


With regard to Client Project

Industrial Plant Project to Manufacture Fittings, Flanges and Process Equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry

on 06,06,2016 PE – Process Engineering handed over to Client the Project PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS

  • TAV 01 Site lay-Out and Equipment Positioning
  • TAV 02 Equipment List and Dimensions – LINE 1 LINE 2 LINE 3

regarding the PROJECT under caption


Characterized by an innovative design for the raw materials handling and for the optimization of the exploitation of the resources required by the production of the LINE 1 / LINE 2 / LINE 3 departments, the Lay-Out develops symmetrically on a polygonal of 185 m X 185 m, approximately

PEMEX – Petroleos Mexicanos: Process Engineering calificada por PEMEX INTERNATIONAL

PEMEX – Petroleos Mexicanos : Process Engineering qualified by PEMEX INTERNATIONAL

Since October 25th 2012 , Process Engineering is qualified by the Qualification Management of PEMEX as Official Supplier and Active Supplier of PEMEX GROUP and actually is in the Vendor List of PPI – Pemex International Procurement.

Following the evaluation done by the Qualification Management of PEMEX, since October 25th 2012 PEProcess Engineering S.r.l. – is in the Official Vendor List of

  • The Companies of PEMEX Group

with regard to

  • the Process Equipment
  • the Process Plants

designed, built and supplied by PEProcess Engineering S.r.l. using Competences, Technology , Patents and Know-How that constitute the uniqueness of the Made by ProcessMade in Italy .

Following the reorgaization of the Procurement Acvitities done by PEMEX, on June 25th 2013 , PEProcess Engineering has received official communication from PPI – Pemex Procurement International to be inserted in the Vendor List of PEMEX and PPI.

RT Plant by PE - DEI - News - Process Engineering opens Rubber Thread Plant in Vietnam - SA DO

The official press release of the Farnesina reports the opening of rubber thread plant made by PE – Process Engineering

Process Engineering has entered the annals of the success cases listed by the Italian Government


La Farnesina – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – has issued an official statement in which it is reported that Process EngineeringPE – has carried out the opening of the Rubber Thread Production Plant in Vietnam
RT Plant by PE – Dong Nai Plant
This plant – entirely with Italian technology and with machinery completely built in Italy – was delivered to the Vietnamese client – VRG SA DO Rubber Thread JSC – SA DO – who, as reported by official diplomatic sources, invested 30 ML of US for the initial project phase, only.
Waiting for the Vietnamese Customer – VRG SA DO Rubber Thread JSC – to honor the agreements and respect what was expressed during the INAUGURATION CERIMONY in front of the institutional representatives of the Italian Government, we take this opportunity to thank all the people and, in particular, the operational staff of the Italian institutions present in Vietnam. These people not only supported PEProcess Engineering in the various order phases, but also provided their full collaboration and gave their support for the organization of the INAUGURATION CERIMONY through the channels of international cooperation of the Italian Government.


SA DO Contract

SA DO Contract – II Shipment Inspected at Genova Port

Today the Inspector by BV – Bureau Veritas Italy – completed at the Port of Genoa the Inspection of the cases of the SECOND SHIPMENT, before their loading into containers.

Qualified personnel will stow the cases in 13 Containers which will be then loaded in the ship for the shipment by sea